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belsio HRMS offers a variety of features that help HR professionals streamline their work and make better decisions.

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Recruitment Platform

belsio HRMS is a comprehensive recruitment platform designed to streamline the hiring process and enhance the candidate experience.

Employee Management Solution

belsio HRMS is an efficient employee management solution that provides value for money. Our software is all-inclusive, so you don’t have to invest in additional hardware or IT infrastructure.

Leave Management

belsio HRMS leave management system offers to leave reports that provide insights into employee leave patterns. Organisations can use this feature to track employee absenteeism, understand leave trends and plan for workforce management more effectively.

Payroll software

Our payroll software is designed to save you time, reduce costs, and improve accuracy, ensuring that your employees are paid on time and accurately. It also allows you to automate tasks such as calculating salaries, taxes, and benefits, generating payslips, and tracking leave balances.

Performance Management

belsio HRMS Performance Management system is software that simplifies performance tracking and HR-related tasks.

Performance management is the process of setting goals, tracking progress, and evaluating employees’ performance

Advance Time Attendance

belsio HRMS Time Managment tool stands out as an ideal solution for businesses looking to automate their employee time and attendance management processes. The module generates automated timesheets, eliminating the need for manual data entry, which ensures accurate data and reduces the chances of errors.

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