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How To Improve Employee Experience In Company 

When the revolution of the HRMS came to the world, it affected every aspect of the company, starting with the onboarding process, continuing with daily task management, and reflecting on performance and payroll. By automating human resources, every process became faster, easier and more accurate, not just for HR professionals but also for employees. In this article, we will find out how belsio HRMS can enhance employee experience and why that’s important!

What is meant by employee experience?

Let’s start with a definition of employee experience to make a clear understanding. Employee experience is the employee’s journey experience in your company, from communication to work achievements.

In other words, it’s a result of an employee’s interactions with your company and other team members.

For example, if someone has a great employee experience at a particular company, that means he received thorough onboarding, continuous growth opportunities, and worked in a positive and supportive environment. Also, his manager provided regular feedback and recognition, while the company offered competitive compensation and benefits. Overall, this employee felt valued and motivated in his role.

Why Is The Employee Experience Important?

That’s actually a great question to ask, why HR departments always trying to enhance the employee experience, and how does excellent employee experience affect the company?

The most competitive organisations always attract and maintain top talents. However, acquiring and retaining top talent is more difficult when the economy is healthy; that’s why we can say that enhanced employee experience could work like a magnet to high talent as it adds to the company’s credibility and reputation. This is very easy nowadays; if you just search on Google or company review websites like Glassdoors and Indeed, you will see a practical example of how experience can shape a company’s reputation.

86% of employees and job seekers research ratings and reviews of companies before applying

However, employee experiences directly influence other aspects of a workplace, like employee loyalty. A positive experience makes employees more committed and more likely to stay at an organisation for a longer period. They will also give word of mouth to other talents to promote the company as a great workplace. Having a great culture always increases the fill rate for companies with great cultures. Candidates will turn away from a company if it has terrible ratings, while candidates will be attracted to it if it has good ratings. 

Moreover, higher levels of engagement increase productivity and work quality, ultimately improving revenues and profits.

A high level of employee engagement leads to a 23% increase in profitability

How to enhance employees’ experience with belsio HRMS?

By leveraging advanced technology and robust features, belsio HRMS platforms have revolutionised the way organisations communicate, ensuring that information flows smoothly and efficiently across all levels.

Centralised Communication Hub

Most HR professionals and managers agree that communication is crucial,  but with many tasks to do and work pressure, communication has become mission impossible. Fortunately, belsio HRMS provides a centralised platform for communication, allowing employees and HR personnel to exchange information, updates, and messages in a single location which will increase employee engagement rate. This reduces communication channels and ensures everyone has the same information.

One of the other outstanding advantages of this HR solution is instant messaging, chat systems, alerts, and notifications, which enable employees to communicate with each other and HR in real-time. This fosters quick and efficient communication, facilitating collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Organisations with engaged employees experience a 59% reduction in turnover

Empowering Employee Self-Service

With this key feature, employees can access and update their personal information, their official documents like IDs or passports, and have access to their work permits and payrolls. In addition, using belsio HRMS can also help employees to submit leave requests, view their schedules, and get notified for approvals or disapprovals without the need to add any extra load to the HR team or wait in a queue to have the chance to submit any requests.  

For example, on national holidays, many team members apply for vacation at the same time, which will negatively affect on workflow since most team members are out. Using belsio HRMS will help HR to manage leaves and time off fairly without affecting company business.

Real-Time Collaboration

Employee feedbacks and surveys play a significant role in shaping the employees’ experience because feedback drives improvement. Therefore streamlining these functionalities will allow HR departments to gather feedback from employees on various matters, such as employee satisfaction, training needs, or organisational initiatives. This helps HR to assess the overall communication climate within the organisation and make improvements based on employee input.

65% of employees in organisations are disengaged.

In conclusion, HRMS software is a crucial way to create a communication-rich environment where employees feel informed, engaged, and empowered. By using belsio HRMS, organisations can unlock the full potential of their workforce, enhance collaboration, and drive success in today’s competitive business landscape.


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